Step by Step process to register and Invest on our P2P NBFC portal

Hi, we see that you want to sign up as an investor on the GalaxyCard Next P2P NBFC portal.

Let us walk you through the path step by step.

Step 1: Open the link- bit.ly/GalaxyCardNext

Step 2: You should be able to see this screen after clicking enter

Step 3: Click on “As investor”. After clicking on it you should be able to see this screen.

Step 4: When you click on “Sign Up as an Investor”. You will be able to see this screen.

Note - When you click on “Sign up as an Institution”, the process remains the same as when you sign up as an investor, only a few company details are required. 

Step 5: Fill in your details like Name, PAN details, Mobile number, Email ID and OTP received in the above screen and click on submit.

Step 6: After hitting the submit button, you should be able to see this screen.

Step 7: In the Coupon code area, type "GALAXYCARD"

Step 8: After clicking on "Apply Now", you will not have to pay any registration charges and you should be able to move on to the next screen, which is attached below-

Step 9: Fill in your details like your Father's name, your address, and more personal information, and then click Next. You must land on the Employment page.

Step 10: Fill in your Employment details like whether you are a salaried person or any other and your gross annual income. Then click Next

Step 11: Once you are done with the employment details, you will move on to the KYC screen shown below-

Step 12: Here you need to upload details like your photo, your self-attested PAN, your address proof, and its type. By clicking on “capture photo” it will ask permission to click a photo.

Step 13: It’ll ask you to use the camera, Click on Allow and then click your photo and upload it.

Step 14: Once you have uploaded your photo, upload all the other documents stated below.  Enter the same password that you created on the first page.


Step 15: Click on Save after you have uploaded all the files. You should be able to see the bank account details screen.

Step 16: Enter your account details like your account number, IFSC Code, Bank Name, Branch Name and upload a picture of a canceled cheque and hit Submit.

Step 17: Once done you should be able to see this screen.


Step 18: Click on Here, and then on the screen set a transaction pin which you will be using to complete your transaction

Step 19: In case you don’t see this screen with investment plans of GalaxyCard Next, kindly log out your account and close the tab and re login.

Step 20: Open this link https://www.i2ifunding.com/channel-partner-login again on a new tab and login. You should be able to see this screen.

Step 21: Login with your login details and you should be able to see investing options.

Step 22: This screen will show you all the investing options. You can select and choose the one in which you want to invest.

Step 23: Click on the particular investment and you shall see a box like this

Step 24: Enter the amount you want to invest and then click Submit.

Step 25: Once you click on submit, you will get a notification like this, you can add money here or go to the Escrow account stated in the next step.

Step 25: Look at the left side of the portal you should be able to see an option Escrow account, click on that

Step 26: Choose the mode for adding the money to invest, like Paytm payment gateway, UPI or by direct bank transfer.

Step 27: You can add your money via any source and done.

You have successfully become an investor at GalaxyCard Next.