Credit Card APR compared - A comprehensive guide 2018

Credit Card APR is the Annual Percentage Rate of your credit card. Simply put, this is the rate of interest applicable when you are late on your payments. APR is calculated daily and is applicable on the Total Amount Due, and not just the principal amount. This means that if you have a late payment fee applied, then you will need to pay interest on that as well.

How to avoid paying credit card APR?

Credit cards have an interest-free period of up to 45 days. Your credit card bill has this date mentioned as the due date. If you pay before this due date, you will not have to pay any interest or additional amount on your credit card bill.

Are there any waivers on APR?

Some banks offer 0% APR for the first 6 / 12 months but usually, you will need to have a good repayment history or a very high CIBIL score. This is mostly a marketing tactic to attract customers but ideally, you should not be affected by this as the best case is to always pay your bills on time and avoid paying interest.

What are the standard credit card APR rates?

Here's a comprehensive guide to all credit card APR's as of March 2018:
BankVariantFixed Deposit Required?APR When MAD PaidAPR when MAD not paid
HDFC BankJetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners ClubNo23.88%23.88%
HDFC BankDiners BlackNo23.88%23.88%
HDFC BankInfiniaNo23.88%23.88%
HDFC BankJet WorldNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankSignatureNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankRegaliaNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankBusiness RegaliaNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankDoctors RegaliaNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankRegalia FirstNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankBusiness Regalia FirstNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankOthersNo41.88%41.88%
HDFC BankCard issued against Fixed DepositYes23.88%23.88%
State Bank of IndiaAll VariantsNo40.20%40.20%
ICICI BankJet Airways ICICI Bank Credit CardsNo42.00%42.00%
ICICI BankICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit CardYes29.88%29.88%
ICICI BankICICI Bank Instant Gold Credit CardYes29.88%29.88%
ICICI BankFixed Deposit Instant Credit CardYes29.88%29.88%
ICICI BankAll other cardsNo40.80%40.80%
Axis BankInsta Easy CardYes34.49%34.49%
Axis BankEasy CardYes34.49%34.49%
Axis BankMY BusinessNo46.78%46.78%
Axis BankMY ZoneNo46.78%46.78%
Axis BankMY ChoiceNo46.78%46.78%
Axis BankPlatinumNo46.78%46.78%
Axis BankTitanium NeoNo46.78%46.78%
Axis BankBuzzNo46.78%46.78%
Axis BankAll other cardsNo41.75%41.75%
Citi BankAll variantsNo39.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankFeast GoldNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankFortune GoldNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankUrbane GoldNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankAqua GoldYes35.88%35.88%
Kotak Mahindra BankSilk Inspire PlatinumYes35.88%35.88%
Kotak Mahindra BankPVR GoldNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankPVR PlatinumNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankRoyale SignatureNo40.08%40.08%
Kotak Mahindra BankWealth ManagementNo37.20%37.20%
Kotak Mahindra BankLeague PlatinumNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankDelight PlatinumNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankEssentia PlatinumNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankSilk Inspire PlatinumNo42.00%42.00%
Kotak Mahindra BankPrivy League SignatureNo29.88%29.88%
Standard Chartered BankVisa InfiniteNo37.20%37.20%
Standard Chartered BankEmirates WorldNo37.20%37.20%
Standard Chartered BankInstant CardYes23.88%23.88%
Standard Chartered BankAll other cardsNo41.88%41.88%
American ExpressPlatinumNo42.00%42.00%
American ExpressPlatinum ReserveNo42.00%42.00%
American ExpressAll other cardsNo42.00%42.00%
IndusInd BankAll variantsNo46.00%46.00%
Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL)All Unsecured Variants (No FD)No42.00%42.00%
Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL)All Secured Variants (FD)Yes30.00%30.00%
HSBCAll VariantsNo29.88%29.88%
J&K BankAll VariantsNo27.00%27.00%
Punjab National BankAll Unsecured Variants (No FD)No29.81%29.81%
Punjab National BankAll Secured Variants (FD)Yes19.56%19.56%
Andhra BankPlatinumNo21.23%41.75%
Andhra BankAll other cardsNo34.49%41.75%
Union Bank Of IndiaUsecureYes15.60%15.60%
Union Bank Of IndiaAll other cardsNo22.80%22.80%
YES BankAll VariantsNo23.88%23.88%
Bank Of BarodaAssureYes19.20%19.20%
Bank Of BarodaTitanium MasterNo30.00%30.00%
Bank Of BarodaAll other cardsNo31.20%31.20%
Central Bank of IndiaAspireYes18.00%18.00%
Central Bank of IndiaGoldNo33.00%33.00%
Central Bank of IndiaTitaniumNo35.88%35.88%
Central Bank of IndiaPlatinumNo35.88%35.88%
Central Bank of IndiaWorldNo42.00%42.00%
Corporation BankAll VariantsNo30.00%30.00%
Syndicate BankAll VariantsNo24.00%24.00%
Indian Overseas BankAll VariantsNo24.00%24.00%
IDBI BankAspire PlatinumNo34.80%34.80%
IDBI BankRoyale SignatureNo30.00%30.00%
Tamilnad Mercantile BankAll VariantsNo24.00%24.00%
Dhanalakshmi BankGoldNo18.00%18.00%
Dhanalakshmi BankPlatinumNo24.00%24.00%
MAD=Minimum Amount Due

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