Aadhaar Virtual ID - Everything you need to know

Earlier this week the UIDAI announced the roll-out of the Aadhaar Virtual ID system, a 2nd layer safety net for your Aadhaar Data. Here's everything you need to know about it:   Aadhaar Logo  

How does this Aadhaar Virtual ID work?

Each individual can generate their a 16 digit virtual id which will be linked to their Aadhaar number Let's say your Aadhaar number is "123456789" and you generate a Aadhaar Virtual ID "abc123" for this Aadhaar number Now, for any service that required your Aadhaar number you will instead give out this virtual id - "abc123"

How does this protect me?

You no longer need to give your Aadhaar number and can just give out your Aadhaar Virtual ID. Your Aadhaar number will now remain a secret with you and thus cant be misused by agencies that were earlier collecting and saving your Aadhaar number.

But..isn't this just like having a new Aadhaar number? Instead of "123456789", now my Aadhaar number is "abc123" (the virtual id I just created)?

No. This Aadhaar Virtual ID is disposable. You can create a new Aadhaar Virtual ID whenever you want. You can even give a different Virtual ID for each transaction/authentication. Once you make a new Aadhaar Virtual ID, the older ID will get disconnected from your Aadhaar. So even if someone saved that Aadhaar Virtual ID, it is now useless. For added safety, Aadhaar Virtual ID's will automatically expire also after some time. Think of them as a cover for your mobile phone. Its cheap, protects the expensive phone from damage and can be replaced easily.   Aadhaar Card  

So, I can create as many Aadhaar Virtual ID's as i want?

Yes, but you can only have one Aadhaar Virtual ID active at a time. As soon as you create a new one, the old one will get disconnected.

Ok, but whenever i make a new virtual id, i will have to give my Aadhaar no. to the agent/enrollment centre? And they can still save my Aadhaar?

Agents will not be able to make Aadhaar Virtual ID's. They can only be made on the UIDAI website.

Does everyone need to get a Aadhaar Virtual ID? Is it compulsory?

No. Its not compulsory but it is recommended. Just like it is not compulsory to have a mobile phone cover but by having one, you can protect your valuable item.

How do i get my Aadhaar Virtual ID?

They can be made only on the UIDAI website. This feature will be available from 1st March 2018.

Will this Aadhaar Virtual ID be accepted everywhere now?

Yes. From June 2018, all agencies will be required to accept Aadhaar Virtual ID.

Will my Aadhaar number stop working after June 2018?

No. Your Aadhaar number will continue to work like normal, but for your privacy, we suggest that you use Aadhaar Virtual ID.

How does GalaxyCard view this announcement?

GalaxyCard welcomes this change as it is a measure towards enhanced Data Privacy. We will be working to integrate the Aadhaar Virtual ID functionality into out process as soon as possible. However, this will not impact the user experience in any way. Users will still be able to sign up and get their instant credit card on our Android App.   Did we miss something? Do you have a question for us? Leave a comment below. About GalaxyCard : GalaxyCard is a fully digital mobile based credit card. Sign up on our mobile app and provide a few basic details to get started with your instant credit. Unlike a physical credit card where it takes 3-4 weeks to apply, receive the card and start paying, GalaxyCard lets you start paying in just 3 minutes. Enjoy 50 days interest free credit with zero annual charges. Use it to recharge your mobile, pay DTH, Utility, Broadband bills and for shopping at select outlets in Delhi NCR. www.GalaxyCard.in Android App: http://bit.ly/2CXoczk